Topic: Which you rather have on 3DS virtual console? GBA or SNES or Saturn games?

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If you can pick one to be on 3DS virtual console, which would it be?

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[Started 10/31/15]

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GBA. It would just be a good fit and seems long overdue.

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What Saturn games? :^}

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3DS could never ever hope to emulate Saturn games. You might get Gamecube VC on 3DS before Saturn.

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Would love a Saturn VC. Or better still, 3D Saturn Classics. Imagine VF2, Sega Rally, Guardian Heroes, or Panzer Dragoon in 3D. There also some 2D gems, games like Radiant Silvergun - never managed to get this on my imported Saturn, on eBay this was always over £100

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Give Panzer Dragoon the SF643D treatment!!!!



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