Topic: Well, Kirby's Block Ball is coming to NA eshop soon.

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If you go on eshop, it shows Kirby's Block Ball under coming soon to eshop section. This probably means no Wario Land for at least another 2 weeks if Kirby's Block Ball is coming out next Thursday.



It may be coming soon, but it didn't say next week. There's a few 3DSWare games on that list as well, and if they continue there current trend of only releasing one 3DSWare or VC a week, it'll probably come after some of those (particularly Block Factory, as it's been on the coming soon page for awhile). If they do release it alongside a 3DSWare game, I suspect it will be Bird Mania 3D.

With that being said, Block Ball is a must download for me when it hits. Not only to support VC, but because I loved playing it on my Game Boy as a kid


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I have been waiting for this game ever since it came out in Japan. Finally happy it's coming to the US after Europe has gotten it. I can handle waiting for Wario Land when this game comes out!

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