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It's looking like an addictive little game. However, I think such a game was actually more designed for multiplayer. I suppose it'd be a good game for long car trips, though.

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This was one of the those accidental buys when I had a GBA and I ended up loving it. I remember it being a little on the short side. I beat it in about 2-3 days of occasional playing. It's fun, though!

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This was the game that really made a Wario fan. Wario World was the first, but Warioware Inc. solidified it. 2003 was the Year of Wario, no doubt about it.

Playing it again on the 3DS made me remember of the good memories. It's better yet that it's not so blurry when in full screen. Even after numerous sequels, the original still holds up well.

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Surprisingly this is the GBA game I've played the most on the 3DS far.

Favorite stage: Nintendo Stage. Seeing how they took classic games and used little bits to create fun and addicting micro games was just awesome.

still figuring out which GBA game to really get into though.... >.> so many....

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I remember buying this game right before a boring conference, and playing it on the bus, and during the conference, and during all the boring evening hours when I had nothing to do. I think it was the first game where I went and looked on the Internet to make sure I had completed everything.

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So far, this is the only GBA Ambassador title I've played, and I love it. The characters feel so full of style and character, the microgames feel like they've haven't aged that much, and it's just a blast to play. Definitely one I can see myself coming back to a lot.

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This is the best game ever made. That's all I have to say about it.

If you think it's more suited for multiplayer, get the game cube game.

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again another game I already own so I probably won't download it but I can talk about getting the game in 2003 when it first came out.

Oh 2003, that was such a nice year. But anyway, this might surprise people but at least from what I remember, Warioware had NO hype. At all. Wario World got commercials and stuff and this game just existed. Which is hilarious in retrospect. It seemed kinda interesting but even when I thought Nintendo could do no wrong, I questioned if this game was gonna be that good. Seemed really odd and no one seemed to care about it (again, from what I remember). But I decided "sure, why not?" and bought the game because NINTENDO. And outside of arguably Viewtiful Joe and Wind Waker, it was the best game that year. I'm pretty sure I've played the game as much as both Golden Sun games combined. Of course, I guess this game succeeded somehow (people buying games for being good instead of heavily advertised, what a concept!) since the other games were released and the series is pretty popular now.

Despite being the first game in the series, it's probably the best. I hate to be THAT GUY but outside of Twisted (which somehow avoided this problem), it's obvious the other games focused more on gimmicks instead of being extremely replayable or having more awesome microgames. Also odd to hear the songs actually being sung in japanese instead of dubbed for the english release.

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To be honest, I wasn't quite sure about this game back then when I bought it either, but i loved it.
This alone includes over 70 very fun microgames, Pyoro (aka Bird & Beans), Paper Plane Chase, Dr. Mario, a remake of the minigame from Mario Paint, other two fun minigames and 3 single-console multiplayer minigames. I would say it's the best game on the Ambassador list.

The only game that could be considered better would be Twisted, that one included TONS of mini (not micro) games and other time wasting things.

By the way, has anyone played Jump Forever? My current highscore is 122, what's yours?

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I wonder if I still have my cartridge or not. I had an insane high score on Wario's Sheriff if I recall. I also managed to unlock the song selection in Jump Forever after several attempts (can't remember what number it's unlocked at).

It had no commercial, but it had TONS of publicity in print. It also had a website where you could play some microgames.

Edit: 100 jumps.

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So far I've unlocked everything but the Pyoro games — gonna have to play this a while to get those again. Debating whether I should sell my original game once I do.

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I still have the original packaging for this game (complete with unused stickers and all), but I gave the game itself to a friend (even though I really loved the game).
So I am very happy to be able to play it again after such a long time!

I'm currently at Wario's stage (the last one).

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Link245 wrote:

Hello, this is Wario hacking Link245's account for an important announcement: buy my games! Wario games are the best games on the planet. Nothing is better. You should go and buy one now.

Lol, and don't forget to buy the new GBA SP!

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I didn't download this as I still have the cartridge for it. I even still have the box and instruction manual. I've also 100% completed it and have some very good high scores in the various modes in it. The warioware games are so addicting because of how much fun they are. The might even be as addicting as Animal crossing for me.
@Morpheel No, its still called Pyoro here in Europe.

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Love it. Always loved the Wario Ware series so I kinda figured I would like it from the start.

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This game was so addictive back in the day it actually caused my first repetitive motion injury from gaming. I actually sold it because at the time I couldn't stop playing it even though it hurt! Glad to have it back now that I (hopefully) have more self-control.

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this game is so much fun! i beat the first 5 and am stuck on the sixth! I can tell this will have a lot of replay ability to it.

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