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Bah, they should of included the higher difficulty from the start, because i found the experience a little too easy and the stage/design platforming feels stripped down and simplified in comparison to WL3(which i hate for the millionth But at least it dished out one mean challenge with complex stage design that made you use your noggin') But everything else? Outstanding! ...8-bit to 16-bit Wario transition blew me away I've gotta say...Too bad the rest of the experience didn't quite live up to the first half. The Green and Blue-based Worlds were thee best hands down. Yellow(Toy World) and Red(Factory) weren't that exciting at least based on my experience.

But i think we can all agree, WL4 has the best bosses 'design wise' in the entire Wario land Franchise.



I used to play levels in this game like Wildflower Fields over and over again just because of how they made me feel. There was basically a level for every emotion I could conjure. To this day it remains one the games I'm most emotionally attached to.

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