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I'm actually liking it 100 times better than Master of Disguise. WL4 is what it should be, and I will be playing it again and again.

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Wario Land 4 is the greatest 2D platformer of all time.

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I always loved this game. I never got to play master of disguise though.
I wish they'd give us some new Wario games sometime soon.

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This might just be my favorite Wario Land game of all.
Shake it on Wii was pretty awesome too! Best two games in the whole series!

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I honestly thought the third one was better, but I still loved this one

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I am not a 3DS ambassador but I do have this game. I never get bored of it and it is a real joy to play. Its also a real challenge on hard mode (which I just started this afternoon). I wish there were more levels because this game is just so awesome!



Kid_A wrote:

Wario Land 4 is the greatest 2D platformer of all time.

It might just be. It's certainly the most bizarrely original and creative, and also has that mindblowing music and sound design.

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I have not played this game before, looking forward to it. By the many comments, it seems like this is a pretty great title.



I've never even played this one! Looking forward to it

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After just the first stage of this I am blown away.

It's like they took the Mario formula and totally enhanced it! Making it so much more fun to play. Instead of just squishing enemies or throwing shells at them, you can just smash right through them!

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What am I missing here? I just finished Emerald and half of Saphire and this game seems pretty crappy to me. It can be extremely frustrating if you can't find one piece of gem. The heart system makes it almost impossible to die (normal mode) so it takes out the platforming drama and turns it into a mediocre collect-a-thon adventure. I was shocked to see praise for the music too. I have been falling alseep to these boring tunes. D:

I'm the type of person who usually thinks whatever he is playing is the "best game evah" and rarely harsh too. I don't know maybe this ones just not clicking with me.

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lz20XX wrote:

I honestly thought the third one was better, but I still loved this one

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I really love the 3rd game, for some reason I never got this game (I remember disliking it when I heard Wario could die in this game [unlike the 3rd]). I still haven't played it but I hope it'll be as good as the 3rd one.

Though 18 levels is very short compared to the 3rd one.... I wonder when wil that one be released?

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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....Kinda explains where that "escape" thing from Shake It comes from, lol. I think I might like Wario Land 3 more though.


Wario Land Shake It is basically "Wario Land 4: Part 2".

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Pleasantly suprised by this game. A fun platformer that uses Minigames well as opposed to the messy style of Microgames.

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