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While I liked Wario Land 4, I've found I'm not really a big fan of its level design and I really don't like the soundtrack in the slightest.

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KingMike wrote:

The one thing I remember that really bugged me about Wario Land 4 and quitting is the very strict time limits on bosses.
If the boss doesn't cooperate, you are far more likely to die because of the time limit than health.

The only real Boss i had trouble with was Craticus I think there's another way to stomp on his head while he's flinging his boomerang like cactus leaves/arms at you, but i never found out. Finishing him off results in under the 1:00 mark for me which basically robs me of a couple of treasures. I always use one of the crazy items from the zany' stick man dude/cat to knock down his health so i can beat in him in over a minute which rewards you with all 3 treasures. All of the other bosses for the most part were easy as pie, and fantasic too!

Cat Bat was great especially, and The Golden Diva. But it sucks once you beat the game you can't face off against Spoiled Rotten again, he's another freakshow favorite of mine hehe.

kkslider5552000 wrote:

While I liked Wario Land 4, I've found I'm not really a big fan of its level design and I really don't like the soundtrack in the slightest.

was it because the level design felt a bit watered down in comparison to Shake it!, 2 and 3? Because for me, from a challenge and platforming perspective they definitly were no question. It's like WL4 was almost casualised and toned down on purpose due to the cries of WL3 being too frustrating and devilishly difficult.....Plus there wasn't a new powerup in sight. Wario's Zombie, On Fire, Bat, Snow Ball, Blimp, and Fat power ups all made their return....Yet they took out the Silk Rolling ball and 'Wobbly Wario' powerups for the better.

Even though it was miles easier finding treasure pieces(CD's offered more of a tricky challenge however), and progressing through the stages it was still fun regardless. But again, Wario had too many hearts(8 counting) knocking it down to 3 would of been ace!

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Ive completed wario land 4 normal mode and hard mode. On both i have all Cds and gold crown on every level. I also got the best ending on both modes.

Super hard mode - stuck on spoiled rotten



But I honestly think wario land 2 needs a 3ds remake



Imagine - GB Wario Land games remade for WiiUWare with the graphics of Wario Ware Shake Dimension.

That would be awesome.

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I'm sorry to invade this thread, but as I'm reading it, WL 2 is better than 3? I still play WL1 on my gameboy pocket, one of my favourite games on GB, and I'm in for another one after finishing WL4 and Shake It.

What I'm trying to ask is; Is WL2 worth the purchase?

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I really enjoyed WL1, but not WL4.

In 4, I didn't like the Metroid-ish style level exploration (it's also why I didn't care for Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. I prefer both series as more traditional platformers), and I hated that you had to escape each level with a time limit, after you found the treasure.


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