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i find the music very catchy but i don't understand some of the boss battles. the game itself is wacky.

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I hope Nintendo does imports for eShop VC games like they did with Wii VC games.


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Gumballamiyumi wrote:

Geonjaha wrote:

There's an existing thread for Tripworld already - but it was tucked away. :3

huh? i don't understand forums,this is my first ever time on a forum. i'm not sure how to use this forum site....

You should just do a check to see if the topic you want to talk about is already been created by someone else. Nintendolife admins just like to prevent the same topics coming up again and again - quite rightly. If a game has been out for a while it most likely already has an existing thread somewhere, just probably not on the first page.

Theres no problem with you setting up new threads like you are doing, just try and make sure there isnt already one with the topic you have in mind.

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As Geonjaha has so helpfully explained, we've already got a thread where users are discussing how they feel about Trip World. Please feel free to join their discussion :3

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