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I've still got the old cartridge lying around. It's short but sweet. For it's time it was impressive to see the classic Super Mario Bros. gameplay translaed to the small screen but nowadays the sequel holds up a lot better. Expect that to hit the VC as well.

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Nintenzo wrote:

Actually, for GameBoy games, you just need to hold start.

Just checked and you are correct! Thanks! That's just made the job a bit easier - I hate those Start & Select buttons.

The same also turns out to be true for DS games (and DSiWare). And if you prefer, you can just hold Select.

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I use to play this game all the time as a little kid! I only beat it one time then my little brother broke it because he got so mad every time he died. I was devastated! I downloaded the game right away! This is great! I beat it yesterday. Loved it. Great Music, Decent challenge, awesome levels! It's even better then I remember.!


ImDiggerDan wrote:

Nintenzo wrote:

Actually, for GameBoy games, you just need to hold start.

Just checked and you are correct! Thanks! That's just made the job a bit easier - I hate those Start & Select buttons.

The same also turns out to be true for DS games (and DSiWare). And if you prefer, you can just hold Select.

Meh, I prefer the stretched screen with my lousy vision

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I have the cart and played it for hours back when it first came out. I never had a NES so Mario Land was the Mario I remember. A classic.

I like the way on the VC I can save the start of the second play through and so have the option to begin with the slightly more difficult mode that allows you to access.

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I should have this game beat by the end of the weekend.

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Super Mario Land was (and still is) an awesome game. Though it is a more solid game in "hard mode" (beat the game and the mushroom will turn to mario's face and you can reply in "hard mode", beat it again and you get a level select). Although Super Mario Land 2 is a better game overall, Super Mario Land is a must download if you've never played it.



I decided not to purchase this because I already have instant access to it.

It was one of my first Gameboy games and I know exactly where my Gameboy Pocket and Super Mario Land is. Never beat it though. Wicked hard and I'm sure the "Save Points" help things out, surely. And I never got to reach the fantastic Chai Kingdom- the music is amazing and my favorite of all.

When Super Mario Land 2 rolls out on VC, I'm going to definitely purchase that even though I do have it. One of my favorite games on Gameboy and it's just so amazing.



This has the weirdest physics ever. Also, thank goodness for restore points. O_o



On the Last level I have no idea how to beat the thing after the cloud. Could some tell me how? I have stuck on it for almost 2 days and I want to beat this!

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I beat this game in less than 2 hours... with restore points, of course.

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Weird that some people find this game hard. I always seem to remember ending up with a ridiculous amount of extra lives.

I don't remember the physics being significantly weirder than SMB — the only thing that always threw me off was the way Mario's body appeared to be slightly offset from what the game recognized to be his body so it was like the side of his body could slightly overlap walls or fall through the edge of a platform.

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I beat Tatanga on my first try. Yup, I still got it!



Impressions? This game is almost as old as I am. Anyway. It's a good game. I played the crap out of this in the car as a kid on long trips (it took me a lot longer to beat back then, being just 6 or something)

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Super Mario Land is a fun game, even if Mario feels air-y when he jumps. It is also the quickest Mario game to complete, taking almost a half hour if you're a pro. Even so, it's still a blast and has some very catchy music.

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I have decided not to use restore points to beat this game

Got to the world 4-2 and lost twice ;_;

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^ Not really imo. The physics are quirky to the point of being bad. Mario apparently weighs 6 tons and has adamantium legs. It's kind of fun, but I'd put your money towards Link's Awakening and wait for SML2.



turtlelink wrote:

Is this game worth the price?

I guess. It's not a bad game, but the jumping sucks and it's pretty short compared to the other games. Another good option is waiting for the much better sequel to come out.

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@pix, I was already planning on getting Link's Awakening with a $20 card next week. I never played it but it seems pretty cool. You sure I shouldn't get it?

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