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Anyone download Tails Adventure if you did can you please post your impressions?

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I always wanted to play the game (Gamecube controls sucked) so I was extremely shocked to see that Sonic The Hedgehog's official page advertise it on the 3DS Virtual Console. Got it in a heartbeat and I LOVE IT!

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Yeah like @baba_944 said, I think the GC controls for the Gamegear games didn't do them justice. Sonic the Hedgehog and this game feel MUCH better on the 3DS. I beat Sonic with two playthroughs (second for all emeralds) and it felt great.
Just started playing Tails Adventure on the 3DSXL this morning and I think I will actually get through it on this system. Looks pretty good, and feels more right. I think I may enjoy this a little more than I though. Gotta love Tails.

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The game is sorta "Metroidvania"-styled. It's much better on a handheld from what I've heard. The levels aren't linear and there are plenty of power-ups and secrets to find. I haven't bought it yet, but I've seen a playthrough. Tails Adventure has gotten mostly positive reviews if that makes you feel any better.

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I was gonna get it, but I spent all my money on Bugs VS Tanks.


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Tails being my favorite sonic character I'm obviously going to get this game even though I haven't heard anything about it

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