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Joshers744 wrote:

Is there only 5 emeralds in this game?? Anything special if you get them all?

There are 5 emeralds and one more from Dr. Robotnik after defeating him. All you get is an adorable end credits.

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yeah that's what I figured. Oh well. No biggie.
Still want to download this one...not too bad I guess for 5 bucks from what I remember.

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Love the dot by dot resolution. It brings back memories of playing my old game gear. I actually never liked gameboy until pokemon came out at which point I lost the sega and focased on catching them all. I wish nintendo would release a 3D version of yellow as a secial edition.

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Or at least release the Gameboy/Gameboy Color games as VC titles. Maybe even the GBA ones whenever they start hitting the VC.

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I'd also love it if they would release Sega Master System games. I know most people think sms was a bad console I liked it alot. I wish they'd release Geneses games too. I really want a 16 bit verson of Mortal Kombat. Also I really miss playing Echo the Dolphin.

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