Topic: So, where's Wario Land?

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Bass_X0 wrote:

Wario Land in America looks unlikely.

I doubt that we'll get Wario Land till Nintendo runs out of 3DS Ware games.



This topic has already been touched upon recently, someone should lock this thread.

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I'm going to email Nintendo to ask them why it's taking so long for them to translate the Japanese version of Wario Land VC into English. Oh wait, The VC version of Wario Land has already been translated from Japanese to British English in February. All right, I'm going to ask them why it's taking so long to translate into American English. If the reason is that their translators in the localization team are on strike, then I'll tell NOA to give them a raise at the expense of Reggie's year end bonuses.




They just release the original version of the game? There's no translation involved.

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