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kryptokrunch wrote:

sykotek wrote:

Didn't Nintendo mention somewhere that they were bringing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to 3DS as a 3D Classic?

Yeah, the Zelda director(I think) always wanted to remake ALttP in 3D. I always thought that they would completely re-do with a 3D world, gameplay etc. but now it seems that they'll keep the original top down look but just make it a 3D classic.

I've always thought that would make the view a little bit slanted when in 3D to show off the effect, like what they did to Twinbee.

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Please oh please bring out Secret of Mana....I have spent soooo many hours on that game and I would do almost anything to have it on a handheld!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Secret of Evermore.

Name a price on either of these, and I will pay it.

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I doubt we'll ever being seeing SNES games. We only get a maximum of one VC game a week unfortunately (seriously Nintendo speed it up), and so far we've only gotten GB games and 2 GBC games. GG games are planned, but NES and GBA games are only planned for a few if any. Even if Nintendo announced bringing SNES games to the VC I wouldnt expect them by at least 2013 judging by their current speed...

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But I NEED Super Metroid on my 3DS.



Earth Bound, please!!

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MrExcite wrote:

But I NEED Super Metroid on my 3DS.

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Snes games could turn up on the 3D Classics, I think they would probably bring GBA games to the 3DS before they would consider bringing the Snes to the virtual console. I know GBA games are already available to the Ambassadors (like myself ) so some of the work is already done. They would just have to fix the issues like being able to jump to and from the home menu, multiplayer etc. But I really think that they may have one or two classic Snes titles that they may bring to the 3D classics because the 3D classics dont seem to be limited to NES games.

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We need more pseudo stereoscopic 3d please!



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BulbasaurusRex wrote:

Being portable is a good enough reason for me to transfer the games from my Wii to my 3DS. Nintendo should put this feature in the Wii U.


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I guess I already have one of my fav SNES games on my 3DS already....Yoshi's Island (Ambassador <3 )

But still, need Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana. My life will be complete

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Destroyer64 wrote:

I'll bet it's possible. If the 3DS can handle GBA games, there's a chance it can handle SNES games.

Huh? It can definitely handle SNES titles.



Would definitively enjoy playing Super Metroid on the 3DS, but what I would really love would be a 3D Classics version of it in full 3D glory!

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i totaly agree with realinho super metroid is my favorite game in the whole universe. off topic but i would want nintendo to make more sidescolleind 2-d metroid games for 3ds. one like super metroid and 16 bit


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i forgot about super mario all stars.


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CerealKiller528 wrote:

Why the f*ck isn't LoZ:ALTTP on your list?

Don't be rudey.

and can you add me too? my code is in my sig.

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Coming soon to you: a new firmware update to be coming to Nintendo 3DS that will combine the Wii Shop Channel and the e-Shop in 2013!


In all seriousness, though, it would really be awesome for Nintendo to make the shops cross-compatible... except the fact that it would take a long time with different hardware and stuff like that.

And besides, the only SNES games I really want on VC is Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound (NINTENDO, WHY YOU NO RELEASE MOTHER 3 HERE?!?), Final Fantasy IV/VI, Gradius III, and Super Mario RPG.

Oh, and by the way, Zelda II (second favorite Zelda) > A Link to the Past. Yes, I HATE A Link to the Past. Sue me.

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agreed. i dont want alot of snes titles just a few. pretty much super metroid only but theyll probaly do more


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Oh, there are dozens of SNES games that deserve re-releasing on the 3DS... but there are certain games that really deserve releasing in 3D.

I think Axelay's vert-scrolling stages would look spectacular in 3D. Just take a look at this:

(Can we post images? I don't know how...)
The big gimmick with these Axelay stages were the perspective, and I think 3D would be a perfect compliment to this.

Erm, I can't think of many more examples of games... Top Gear perhaps? And 3D might make that tricky platforming in Mario RPG a little easier...



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