Topic: Retro games you've played for the first time on VC

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SoldierBlade,Superstar Soldier,Star Parodier,Lords of Thunder,Gates of Thunder. Over here in the UK i'd never even heard of the TG-16 so to discover all these shooter gems is fantastic for me.
Another couple of absolute classics I'd never played due to them being originally Japan only are Sin & Punishment and DoReMi Fantasy.
For me the VC has been a reason in itself to own a Wii.Its great

What's this bit for again?


Double Dragon
Avenging Spirit
Donkey Kong
Game & Watch Gallery
Super Mario Land
Link's Awakening DX
Kirby's Dream Land
Fortified Zone
Mario's Picross

In other words, everything that is currently out in the 3DS Virtual Console ! I actually had a GBC, but didn't get so many games for it back in the day. I had all the main Pokémon games (sans Crystal), Wario Land 2, SMB Deluxe, and... er... Pocket Bomberman. I never got the Super Mario Lands, Wario Land 1&3, or any Game Boy Zeldas. Yeah, I know, I suck ...

But at least I had a BLAST with Pocket Bomberman. GET IT? Hahahahahahahahaha......

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