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So Qix for Gameboy cam out on the 3DS VC today and I am very much on the fence about getting this. I know a few of you out there took the leap on this one so would anyone mind trying to sway my descision one way or another? Leave impressions here

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It's just Qix on Gameboy. No bells and whistles here, just a port of the arcade game. I found it a little easier than the arcade game because the lines that move around the screen don't move quite as fast. I'm not a big fan of this one though. One of it's sequels, Super Qix was ok though. Heck, I don't care much for these early Taito arcade games in general. They didn't start getting good until Bubble Bobble.

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I'm definitely going to d/L this. I love the game in general, and the GB port is a great version that i've only been able to play through "special" means before now, so it will be awesome to have it for "real".

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The GB Qix was a plesant surprise. The gameplay is solid, and the simple graphics actually looks better now than releases on the NES and Amiga. It's slightly easier than what I remembered, I've made it to level 10 (I never managed that before), the percentage requirement is bumped up to 80% from level 9. It's important to use the slow B for higher scores. I'll probably not spend endless hours with this, as I've occationally done with various space invaders implementations over the years, but for the price it's worthwhile ... although free implementations can be found easily playing this on the 3DS is great, and I really like the fact that the score is saved. (a way to post a screenshot with highscores to facebook would have been nice )



I grew up playing Qix in grocery stores in the early 80's, so downloading this VC game was a MUST for me! I also remember playing it on my GameBoy back in the early 90's, this is a very fun game if you get into it, let the droning music take you over and have a good time! Always a different game each time, that's what I love about this. If you're an old skool gamer like me (or just love old skool games) you'll love this! A+

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