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Whoa, I didn't know there was a Rayman game on the GBC! Looking forward to playing that.

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the original Prince of persia was unlockable on both the sands of time game and forgotten sands.
It would be quicker to just buy one of those rather than waiting for a Wii VC release.
As far as Rayman goes I don't imagine it would be too thrilling on GBC.

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Rayman on Gameboy is right up there with the Gex Gameboy game and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 as the best gameboy game I've ever played that wasn't 1st party Nintendo. They're all really underrated and awesome.

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The Rayman game was a sort of smaller version of the Playstation 1 game. Obviously the PS1 game is better, but the GBC one was pretty awesome too. It doesn't save, it uses a password feature.

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MetalMario wrote:

It doesn't save, it uses a password feature.

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If I wanted to save some money I would just transfer Rayman on DSIWare for free

But if NLife gives this an 8 or higher then it may be a buy!

Or better yet, get Rayman Origins when it comes out;)!
To much Rayman...

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The original Prince of Persia. yes please! Too bad this seems to be the GB version. One can dream about the excellent SNES port being released someday...

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