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Topic: Pokemon RPG's or Pokemon Pinball?

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Hey Guys! Just curious to know, what would do you think should be on the eShop's Virtual Console? Pokemon Red and Blue or the Pokemon Pinball games?

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Pokemon Pinball...sadly
I suppose Nintendo can release it, but plenty of the fun is in the multiplayer, not to mention, in order to get certain Pokemon there will have to be traded.

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If it's Pokemon Red/Blue,Hell yeah,i'll buy it on VC.
If it's Pinball,i'll just wait for X and Y. :P

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Pokemon Pinball. I don't even like the first gen much.

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The RPGs no question.

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If they could emulate the link cables, there shouldn't be much problem in making them available in the eshop because the multiplayer would be there. How fun would it be to be able to battle/trade with others in the original games without needing that cable? It would be more work to make WiFi available although something like that would definitely pay off.

Realistically though, I'd see pinball making an earlier appearance.

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The original RPG's Red, Blue and Yellow.

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The GBA Pokémon Pinball, Ruby and Sapphire. Didn't care for the original game much. It's one of the better arcadey pinball games, although I prefer authentic ones.




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I'd like all the Pokémon games on VC. I actually own one main game from each generation so I won't need them but some others would probably like them. My cousin would like to get one of the first generation games to try if they are games for him. He has never played a Pokémon game and would like to start with first generation as that's the only generation he knows something about.

I personally would like to see Pokémon Pinballs, Trading Card Game (wouldn't mind if they'd translate TCG2), Puzzle Challenge and Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. In other words all the spin-offs or at least both Pokémon Pinball games and Trading Card Game as I own Puzzle Challenge and Blue Rescue Team.

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If there is wireless trade communication, Red and Blue. Otherwise I have to say I will go with Pokemon pinball. The only thing missing from the game would be the rumble feature. The pokemon trading card game would be fun to have too.

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