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Twinneedle (and/or Pinmissle?) were both ok bug attacks. Multi-hit moves in Gen 1 ate up your opponents turn over multiple turns so they actually weren't that bad back then. Leech Life was absolutely worthless (as was String Shot).

Adding in some of the newer moves would be helpful for balancing, but that's not a make-or-break issue for me. We're not playing these competitively so balancing issues don't really matter. I don't really like the idea of changing stats, etc. though. I have no idea what the "Special" stat was about, but I'd rather leave all that stuff alone. If this was a 3D Classics remake then I'm fine with them adding in stuff, but these are advertised as faithful VC releases. I'd say keep them that way.


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About the special stat, modern games have both special attack and special defense, meaning that pokemon can be strong attacking but weak defending, etc. Back in gen 1, both were one and the same (just "special"), so pokemon with a high special stat had an obvious advantage, they were both strong with and resistant agaisnt special moves.

From the same page, other glitches and issues:

In-battle bugs
Leech Seed and Toxic used the same damage counter, allowing Leech Seed to drain twice as much damage when a Pokémon was affected by both at the same time.
Due to a glitch, Focus Energy and Dire Hits cut the user's critical hit ratio by 75% instead of doubling it.
Using Agility or Swords Dance while paralyzed or burned, respectively, would negate the status impairments from those effects and then double the enhanced stat.
If Hyper Beam knocked out a Pokémon or destroyed a Substitute, the user would not need to recharge on the succeeding turn.
Selfdestruct and Explosion did not make the user faint if they destroyed a Substitute.
Although Rest removed status conditions, it would not alleviate the stat debuffs caused by a burn or paralysis.
Overusing stat increases would eventually cause the boosted stats to roll over to maximally decreased stats.
If a Bide user was hit with a status move before its attacking turn, the damage dealt would equal that of the last attack used against it.
If a Pokémon's HP was 255 or 511 (or any number multiple of 256) points below its maximum, HP recovery moves like Recover and Softboiled would fail. This is because the game only checks the low byte of the 16-bit value.

Other in-battle issues
Critical hits would ignore stat increases from both parties rather than just the target.
Counter could be used in response to Guillotine or Horn Drill to instantly defeat an enemy Pokémon, even if the move hit the user's Substitute.
With the exception of Swift, every attack had at least a 1/256 chance of missing.
Wrap, Bind, Fire Spin, and Clamp immobilized the target for 2 to 5 turns as a side effect. If a Pokémon that used one of these moves switched out, the target would still be considered trapped during that turn.
Struggle was programmed with Normal-type offensive properties instead of being programmed to ignore type matchups, making it ineffective against Ghost types.
When a Pokémon was hit by a move that did not deal neutral damage, the message that displayed would reflect only the matchup against one of the target's types.
Waking up from sleep took a full turn.
Using Substitute while having 25% or less of one's maximum HP left would cause the user to faint.
As soon as Rage connected, the user would become disobedient and would be unable to use any other move until it fainted. When Rage was used, it only lost the initial 1PP, and if it missed, its accuracy dropped to 1/256.
Multi-hit moves dealt the same amount of damage for each hit in a turn, meaning that if the first hit was a critical hit, the other hits would be critical hits as well.

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I would have much rather seen Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team/Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon FireRed/Pokémon LeafGreen on the Wii U Virtual Console instead this just shows that since the Nintendo 3DS sold way better than the Wii U, Nintendo is pretty much giving up on there console until the new Nintendo NX system arrives, however I love the Nintendo Wii U. If Nintendo could have a chance to remake some awesome GameCube Games in HD like Animal Forest+, Super Mario Sunshine, Both Harvest Moon games on Nintendo GameCube, Luigi's Mansion, Pokémon Colosseum/XD, The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures, Wario World. But we will see in the future, just to be clear I'm not trying to hate on the Nintendo 3DS my sister has one and she lets me play hers every once in awhile. And I think it's alright but I'm more of a console kind of person, that's just me.

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I buy all three


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Didn't watch the Direct, did you? They showed off numerous upcoming Wii U games.

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I may pick up Yellow but I fear I'll just get annoyed with how dated they are compared to the current games. I remember my old copy of Yellow had a surfing Pikachu and Mew, I wonder if there are any plans to release them on the vc copies.

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arronishere wrote:

I may pick up Yellow but I fear I'll just get annoyed with how dated they are compared to the current games. I remember my old copy of Yellow had a surfing Pikachu and Mew, I wonder if there are any plans to release them on the vc copies.

I think Mew is obtainable via glitch. But they could always pull a a Capcom and leave him in a PC box for us.

Surfing Pikachu..... well, if they were willing to add link cable support, maybe transfer pack will be next? Then they could add Stadium 1 and 2 on Wii U VC.

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I'm happy that R/B/Y is finally going to be available on VC but on the other hand I already have Red and Blue on GB and while I'm thinking of getting Yellow at some point, the thing that I haven't experienced in Yellow before is the surfing minigame and I doubt they'll have it available on VC release. If they do though, I'll be getting it. I'll get Crystal when they decide to put that to VC.

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While this is awesome, and I will probably get Blue (Brother getting Yellow, My Wife is getting Red) I am disappointed that there isn't a Pokemon Bank function. Even if the Pokemon had to completely change for the new style, it would have helped getting some pretty rare Gen 1 pokemon.

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@andrew20: There aren't really any benefits in buying all three on the same 3DS unless you really want multiple save files. You can't trade between games on the same 3DS.

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I suppose some nostalgia is good. It will be weird to revert back to ye olde days of outdated mechanics and glitches

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I was gonna buy Yellow & Red but at $10 each, I'll just get Yellow (still have my Blue version and a GBA SP and I've never played Yellow). If I ever get an additional 3DS/2DS I'll probably get Red on that though so I can trade with myself.

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Where was it stated that they are $10? I could see them being $6-$7, but I never saw the price anywhere.

EDIT: I guess you were going by the retail download cards in Japan. I think that's just for those who want one (or more) physical extras.

If they ARE $10... I'm glad I only want Yellow.

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@DarthNocturnal: Amazon has them listed for $9.99, though I guess that could be a placeholder price.

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I'd be tempted to get those. However, I'm not sure I want them without any way of trading between myself using only one console. If I see a really old second hand 2DS or 3DS going super cheap, then I might be tempted to grab it.

I might just pick up Yellow and play it for nostalgia sake without worrying about trading. That first gym is such a pain with yellow though.

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I imagine that Pokemon Yellow will cost more than the others. It should anway, given the current GB and GBC pricing on the VC. Apparently R/B are going to be completely B+W, and Yellow in Colour. I'll probably pick up Yellow, but I'm torn because I always disliked the changes being specifically from the anime, and the fact that you get all three starters - makes it too easy.

DarthNocturnal wrote:

Heh, and people keep saying that Gen 1 was best. In reality it was just like FF1; playable, but if a game was released with bugs of the same calibur today... it'd get torn apart in reviews and by fans.

Nostalgia, alcohol of the gaming world; generally OK in moderation, damaging and sometimes dangerous when taken in excess.

Why are you even comparing nostalgia and alcohol? Nostalgia means you could enjoy things even if they've aged terribly, and hurts no one, in fact it means you have more fun. Glitches and imbalances can be fixed, and they were in the remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen. Looking at the actual games themselves, one could easily think that Gen 1 was the best. It also seems funny to hear you talking about nostalgia like that though; it's basically the only reason Pokemon is still as big as it is.

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The comparison sounded better in my head I guess. Although you seem to have overlooked the fact that I said SOME nostalgia is OK. It's the blind "EVERYTHING NEW SUCKS" thought pattern that's dangerous (although, obviously not as dangerous as actual alcohol abuse; again, seemed better in my head. My bad).

But really, many talk like the original releases were the best. They're convinced that they never got better. They praise it up and down, ignoring that other games and, of course, their remakes, far surpassed them. But you look and see what the original releases actually are... and it isn't too pretty under the hood.

Pokemon continuing today in part because of nostalgia is yet another example of SOME nostalgia being OK. Obviously fans don't want everything old torn up and replaced... but we do want them to improve over time. Same goes for any franchise really.

And by the way, I've also said I want to get Yellow. I'm not anti-nostalgia. I'm just not going to give old games 10/10 on that alone.

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@DarthNocturnal: Well anyone who is honest convinced that the original releases of Red and Blue were the best in the series do need their heads checks. Maybe you could argue most innovative at the time, but yes, you're right about some Gen 1 fanboys.

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In retrospect, official events are no longer necessary in obtaining Mew!

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I just had a thought; Jynx will probably be edited to match her new appearence somewhat... but, if Red and Blue are in black and white, how will they handle the recolor? Her newer purple shade is pretty dark...

Hopefully it'll go over better in Yellow then it did for Pokemon TCG. But that's palette limitations for ya.


Assuming they don't fix the well-known bugs. Which I hope they don't.

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