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Bass_X0 wrote:

Is it worth wanting Ninja Gaiden Shadow on the Game Boy?

Yes. For a portable NG it's done well.

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Yep, that and Operation C are pretty good considering they're Game Boy entries of NES games.

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I also see there is a Game Gear version. They should put that one up too before moving onto the second and third NES Ninja Gaiden games.

I don't know how close the Game Gear version is to any other version.

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The Game Gear version was quite different from any of the NES games, a little closer in gameplay-style to Shinobi or Legend of Kage.
I think it was also actually developed by Sega (under license from Tecmo), so i don't know if there would be any licensing issues involved.

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finally finished the game (on my 3ds) without save state and without continues (same with megaman 1)... XD, i find it awkward to become so hooked with this old game, as far as i remember, i already logged 10+ hours in replaying this game... seriously, once i started to play this game, i'll never turn my 3ds off until i defeat the final boss XD



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