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KingMike wrote:

That's because Sega puts more effort into their emulators than Nintendo. We could have SGB palettes and Game Link support (not that it matters to me, since none of my friends have 3DSes) if Nintendo cared.

The Wii Megadrive emulation was junk. (Even the festival games were in 50hz / It had a god awful filter / the sound chip wasn't emulated properly (That bit at game over in Gunstar Heroes doesn't sound like that on real hardware).

TG16 emulation lagged in places the real hardware didn't

N64 was terrible (Not really very much like the real hardware).

SNES was mostly ok but I would have prefered it to forget 480p and just do what the Neo Geo one did and output with scanlines.

Neo Geo was the best. (Most accurate - scanlines in the right places - tearing in the odd game but mostly spot on).

D4 Enterprises are the best at making emulators (They made an MSX on an FPGA with perfect accuracy).

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I cant play vc games on My 3DS. There must be mapping options for the games!!! My solution is that i dont ever buy a single vc game becuz they are unplayable for me..



This bothers me so much! I bought Shantae for GBC the other night to give the 3DS Virtual Console a try and I just can't get used to the button layout. It makes my thumb hurt after playing a while. If Nintendo would add configuration options I'd buy so many other games, but as it stands this will likely be my first and last.



Does GBC allow you to use A and X as A and B like NES VC?
Of course the ideal solution would be to allow custom mapping, but it took me a bit to realize that's why they mapped X to B (where in the Ambassador versions of the NES games, X was menu).
That's a little better but still not the same as my preference of the SNES layout (where Y and B are the main buttons).



On GBC, X is menu and Y is select. I never knew they made X the same as B on the NES! I just tried it out, that's very useful I'm not bothered about the button layout for the gameboy virtual console as that's the position B and A were in on the originals. The difference with the NES is that the buttons were right next to each other.



Nintendo don't put a lot of effort into their VC releases unfortunately, so I don't think button remapping is going to be a feature anytime soon. I'm personally not bothered by it, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be there for those that are. Nintendo are competing with free emulation software, and somehow they're losing.

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In every Club Nintendo survey I fill out for a 3DS VC game, I rip them for not having button-mapping for 3DS VC games. They could at least patch it in there. Would probably be a pain for them but it would be worth it for us.



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