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The meter swing back to mark accuracy is way too fast. I can't hit the ball with any kind of accuracy. Even on slow swings, it's too fast, and even if I only use slow swings, I can't maxiimize my distance.

Also, is it just me, or is the scale messed up when they mark where your ball landed compared to how far you hit it?

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Only n00bz like Golf

Like you?

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Never mind. I got it. But, dang! That's tricky to firgure out without a manual!

BTW It's a really good game. I guess a lot of people just hate golf in general and don't know how good this game is!

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@itsa thats just the way LordJumpmad is. Don't let it get to you.

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Wth is NES Open GOLD?

Anyways I like both this and golf. It's just basic but fun golf. Easy controls and maneuvers. With Mario of course.
Btw I wanted to ask, dose Lord JumpMad trolls because he does, or does he joking troll and this is suppose to be funny? I'm leaning towards the latter.
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I haven't played it extensively, but I'm definitely enjoying it so far. It plays pretty much exactly like the Mario Golf games, and the soundtrack is friggin' peppy! Like, entirely too peppy for a golf game. But awesome nonetheless.

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pixelman wrote:

@bonesy: lol, it works like Mario Golf. Press A to start the meter, press A when the meter's at the far left to hit it with 100% power, and press A one more time when the meter is close to the white accuracy line to hit it.

i missed 8 shots in a row because i was just pressing the button when it lined up with the accuracy line, i didn't realize you had to hit it first to set the power.... i had it right on every time and couldn't figure out why he wouldn't swing! not exactly easy to know this stuff without a manual.

i'm equally lost with the other games, in wrecking crew i destroyed every block and trapped the robot thing behind the door in the first level and nothing happened. then in the second level doing the exact same thing ended the round....

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Where it differs from the Camelot Mario Golf games, is when you try to make a gentle shot. In the N64 and Gamecube version, if you stop the power at halfway, the marker continues to the end, then rebounds, whereas with this game, the marker rebounds on setting the power.

Not a problem if you know it's coming.

Also, it's much deeper than I expected it to be. Compared to the arcade-esque titles also offered (Balloon Fight, DK Jr. and Mario & Yoshi), there are loads of little touches that facilitate playing it over and over, and not just as a means of achieving a higher score.

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I really got a kick out of the fact that the third or fourth hole on the US course is pretty much the same as the third or fourth one in Wii Sports (I can't remember the exact number, obviously).

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When do you stop the swing meter? It won't go anywhere for me

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I sampled the game along with the other 9 once downloading them. I couldn't get the ball to go anywhere ._.
I tried 3 shots them quickly changed to playing Zelda. I'm sure I'll get back to it though and learn to how play it.

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I am very bad at golf. You should see the ball go back and forth from the hole when i finnaly get it near.

I liked it more when i was little and i thought higher scores were better.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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The game is alright, it's a bit better than I was expecting.....but my expectations were pretty low to begin with.

I don't think golf games age very well....

Now if you excuse me I have to get back to wandering around legend of zelda II with no clue where I should be going....

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its ok

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the free game i have been playing most

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This is twice as awesome when you're playing against the CPU. :3



I absolutely agree.

I'm floored by the complexity of this simple little NES game. When compared to games like Donkey Kong Jr. and Wrecking Crew, it's obvious that this one was ahead of it's time. This game TOTALLY surprised me with how fun it was!

...Sometimes I'm having difficulties choosing when to do a front or back slice though, and choosing between a High, Med., or Low ball sometimes forces me to do some guesswork. I'm sure I'll figure it all out eventually.

Here's what I think though...
Back slice helps you get out of rough patches nice and swell, and it ensures that the ball doesn't bounce too far once it hits the ground. Front slice on the other hand can help cover some extra distance on the ground, I think...

High balls are probably more affected by the wind, and have the potential to go farther. Low balls are probably less affected by the wind, but sacrifice distance as a result.

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This is pretty fun, I just wish I had a full instruction manual with an overview of all the different game modes.

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It seems like a ok game just not all that into golf so not somthing I would play all that much.

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