Topic: Most overlooked Gameboy games?

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GeminiSaint wrote:

Heh, I was going to suggest Mole Mania, but it looks like they've beaten me to it. Mole Mania was a great puzzle game in the vein of Lolo, and it was helmed by Miyamoto himself. I don't know why they didn't advertise it more. It was brimming with charm and quality from beginning to end. I would definitely get it for the 3DS virtual console should it ever appear there.

  • Kirby's Block Ball.
  • Kirby's Tilt & Tumble (I'm assuming it could be done using 3DS's gyroscopic stuff).
  • Shantae.
  • Wendy: Every Witch Way (a neat platformer by the makers of Shantae).

Seeing as nintendo haven't released any light gun games on wii vc with pointer controls, I doubt we'll see Kirby tilt & tumble on 3DS vc.


kkslider5552000 wrote:

Akatsuki wrote:

Metal walker Untitled

I had this game.

I did not like this game. At all.

I never really got to play it. I dont have a gameboy. D:

I've only played it once, for a short while, on a friend's gameboy.

Cringing is really fun.


melechofsin wrote:

if you want to play on the go and like playing on the gameboy, with all its associated fun, then these beat em ups are a lot of fun.

Again, I ask, what beat-'em-ups? Give me a list.

Ash: Professor Oak, how's your Bulbasaur?
Prof. Oak: Oh, it only hurts when I sit.
Prof. Oak: It's only Chansey if Krabby won't let go. Bye, now.
Ash: I don't think I'm going to call him anymore.

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@BulbasaurusRex - Maybe not exactly tied into the "overlooked" category, but the Double Dragon games are good.

A game I remember liking but was very difficult was Sumo Fighter. Roger Rabbit is really good too (don't let AVGN's NES review deter you from the GB version that Capcom worked on.)



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