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Coming to NA tommorrow, out of the blue. Discuss

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Which one is the third strongest mole?

Nah, I'll keep an eye out and see if it interests me but I like in the UK, so I'll have to wait and see still.

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Been interested in this one since I read about it in a Nintendo Power article. How can you not be excited about an underappreciated Miyamoto game?

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@Birdman, when you don't know a damn thing about it.

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Am I the only one who thinks this game looks (visually) like Link's Awakening?

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For some odd reason, the level designs/layouts remind me of Bomberman. I know, strange, right? lol

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Another game I only got some time ago, Japanese cart/manual, haven't gotten to playing it yet.



Can't wait to play it

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Just played through the first world, after buying it on impulse.

I really like it so far. It's giving off a definite Miyamoto vibe... it feels kind of like a cross of Zelda and Pokemon, and the puzzles so far seem really good. The boss battle seemed a bit shoe horned in, like it doesn't really feel like it belongs within the mechanics of the game. But so far, I'd recommend it.



I've played through the first two worlds so far, and i am absolutely loving it. Great game. Definitely scratches that puzzler-type gaming itch.

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I have it on my old GB console and it was a good game... But for some strange reason i'm still on the fence to buy it on 3DS...

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Please come to EU/AU! Looks so good!

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BayCraig100 wrote:

Please come to EU/AU! Looks so good!

Yea - I'm interested in checking it out once it comes out here. Assuming it will?

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