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This was one of my first gameboy games.
I never thought I'd say this about a Metroid game, but I got some strong nostalgic attachments for this game...
I forget sometimes that I played this before I played Smash Bros. Before I played Smash Bros, I was pretty closed minded. I wouldn't play anything if Mario or Pokemon weren't connected to it in some way. I actually forgot who Samus after playing Metroid II, so I didn't understand why she looked so familiar.

This game kept me pretty busy as a kid. I have no idea why it intrigued me so much, when, as I said, I was so picky about my games. But I eventually exterminated all metroids, without being aware that that was the goal of the whole game. Met the Metroid Queen, but never was able to beat her.

I would love to have another chance to do so.

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Well looks like we might be getting this game this Thursday. If we do this will be an instant download for me. I remember playing this game over at a friends house when I was a kid but I never had the chance of owning it myself. Hopefully that will change this Thursday.

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On Nov. 24, Nintendo will release the original 2D version of Metroid™ II: Return of Samus™. This Game Boy™ classic has intergalactic bounty hunter Samus™ Aran battling Space Pirates as she seeks to destroy Metroids on SR388. The game lays the foundation for the smash hit Super Metroid™.

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Aviator wrote:

Okay well when you play a game, I'll listen (probably wont) on your thoughts about it. Otherwise don't diss it when you haven't played it.

Not exactly fair when all he did was state his opinion. He didnt even say it was boring, he just commented on how it looked as such.

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