Topic: metal gear solid on game boy color must be released on 3ds vc

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as every great game boy game that was released on 3ds vc, metal gear solid on game boy color is also a must release on the 3ds vc.
As we hope, nintendo can actually introduce it on 3ds vc, it is very possible!


I loved that one. Couldn't believe how feature-rich it was. I was always pissed off that the GBA/DS never got one in the same styling. As well-made as a GBC one was, a DS MGS would have been awesome

New name, same game.
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I'd really like to try that one. It's one of the few Gameboy color games I never played.
Not really having high hopes for it's release on VC though.
When was the last time Konami supported either Wii VC or 3DS VC?
Seems like they've stopped releasing their games for download.

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That's the number one game I want. Never played it but have heard nothing but great things.

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