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What I want to know is why Nintendo do not release MegaDrive or SNES Game on the 3DS it could run them easy so why not the list of great games is just so big (ESWAT,Golden Axe 1,2,3,Gynoug,Hellfire,Street Of Rage 1,2,3,Thunder Force IV, ToeJam & Earl,Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3,Final Fight 1,2,3,Flashback,Super Mario All-Stars,Super Star Wars,Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) the list just goes on and on I not saying remakes here just Virtual Console

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They easily could, but then it'll be a reason not to buy a Wii U when the games come out on the VC there. Its all about business and maximising profits, nothing more. I wish they did, but they most likely won't.

Nintendo for the most part is keeping handheld VC on the 3DS and home console VC on the Wii U (with the exception of NES games on 3DS and GBA games on the Wii U in the future)

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It's funny that Sega is doing more for the 3DS than Nintendo by releasing Genesis 3D classics on japan... I'm still hoping those will eventually make their way to the west

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