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I would have waited an eternity for this...

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MM6, Shining Force 2: the Sword of Hyjia and animal crossing all in one week ? Nintendo is being good to us lol

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I was never a big fan of MM6, but doing my no damage runs of the game, I warmed up to it quite a bit. I still wouldn't rank it anywhere near most of the classic series, but it's okay.

The sliding sure feels unresponsive though.

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I just learned this isn't yet out for NA. I thought it was.

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Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there is an overuse red in the color palette? I don't know why, but every time I think of Mega Man 6, I think of red, but I digress.

I think Mega Man 6 is an alright game, not my favorite in the series, but not bad by any means. I think its soundtrack is fantastic and Centaur Man's stage is pretty cool as well.

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And now its out in America.

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I will say that MM6 has to be one of the most beautiful NES games released. Just look at that sunset in Tomahawk Man's stage. Lovely. The OST is definitely one of the better tracks in the Classic series. I especially enjoy Tomahawk's, Flame's, Wind's and Knight Man's theme. As for the game as a whole, definitely one of the weker Classic titles IMO yet still a great game in its own merits. Glad to have all Nes MM games "officially" in my pocket and hopefully Nintendo decides to find a way to emulate SNES titles for the 3DS. I'd love to replay MM7, R&F and the MMX games on the go.

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I'm really digging MM6's music; even compared to other Mega Man games, I'm impressed.

Blizzard Man's stage is right there with Bubble Man and MM3's title theme for my favorite ever MM track.

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