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Well another Mega Man game has come out on the 3DS VC today, Mega Man 5. Personally I thought this was the weakest of the series. For me it just kinda felt like it was rushed (no pun intended). Going to be downloading this one tonight.

Post your impressions here of Mega Man 5 for the 3DS VC.

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This is the game that made me feel sick of the series as a kid, but reappraising it over the past few years has lent me a new appreciation. It definitely does some things "wrong," but it's not bad overall. It also has some of my favorite tracks (Charge Man and Wave Man are great...and the end credits theme is BRILLIANT) but mercy me is it easy and the weapons sure are garbage. (Except for the Super Arrow. I love that thing.)




Everything about Mega man 5 was relatively easy, especially with the overpowered buster, except for the Dark man Battle. I remembered I had to use up my E-tanks for that fight. Anyway, I thought the stages themselves were creative especially Gravity Man and Star Man's stage. Can't wait to see how the game holds up.

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I've always liked Mega Man 5 for some reason, I don;t really know why though. The stages are pretty great, especially Gravity Man's, and the music is fantastic. The weapons are rubbish, but I don't mind too much since I never really use them in general. If I remember correctly, the castles were some of my favorite in the series as well.

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This is way better than 4. The enemies no longer take too many hits to kill, the levels are less dull (Gravity Man's stage especially) and the game is the easiest to just pick up and play.

It doesn't top the first three games but I like better than 4 and 6 by leaps and bounds.

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