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GuSilverFlame wrote:

(I'm enthusiast about the legend of zelda! )

GuSilverFlame wrote:

I'm not enthusiast enough to go searching for old and hard to find videogmes though.......


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Of course I'd agree with releasing Majora's Mask again.

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Just like with Ocarina of Time, I would not be buying them unless I see a VC Release... that's the whole reason why this thread is in the "3DS Virtual Console" forums... right? I'd rather spend $10 on an N64 VC release without the 3D and Touch Screen than pay the $40 for one that has 3D which I wouldn't even use. I paid for Star Fox 64 3D... but that was because I thought that it was a sequel... not a 3D remake. I hate remakes because they tell us, "You're buying an old game for $40, but it has 3D. By the way, we wouldn't want to lose sales by releasing a VC Release, so we'll just wait six years for the next 3DS and then release it there." I don't want any more remakes! Not unless they'll be rereleased for the Virtual Console.

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