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Just asking, how much would you pay extra for localized/translated games?

Similar to the Wii, this would bring games previously exclusive to other countries to the eShop.

I would pay double-price for an X localization.

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I would pay $2 added to whatever the European price is for Trip World.


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You mean like how Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels or Sin & Punishment on Wii Shop Channel were like an extra 200 points? I guess I'd be willing to pay an extra quarter of the original price. But double the price? Nah. But then again thats my opinion.

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Well IDK how much Japan paid for KI OMM, going by that you could get an estimate for imports at least, as for translated, IDK I could care less if they were translated
Edit: I just checked Japan's price for OMAM and they didn't pay any more then they would for other GB VC games, this could be a good thing

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They pay 400 yen, which appears to be the standard rate for original GB games.



It really depends on what the game is - but yes in some instances I would be willing to pay double.
When I got my GBC I was living in Asia - so I ended up playing many GB/GBC japaneese exclusives, and there are many I'd love to play again in English.

Possibly a bad example seeing as it's actually a bootleg in english. The terrible translation was half the fun of the game. Awesome music too. X3

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