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"Zelda" activated the 2nd quest in the original Legend of Zelda, I wasn't aware that it did anything on Link's Awakening. In fact, I just wiki'd it and I don't think it does.

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WaveBoy wrote:

turtlelink wrote:

A water one. I think I need the hookshot or something but I can't find it. I'll look for it after I beat OoT 3D.

The hook Shot is in the 5th Dungeon, which i just finished up last night. yay me. :p
Now I need 200 more Rupies. SPOILERS So I can get Wart(from Super Mario Bros 2) and his frog buddies to sing me a I can't believe Nintendo stuck 'Wart' in a Zelda game...I couldn't believe it when i first saw him. as if the SMB baddies weren't enough haha. Awesomes stuff! B-)

There's a bunch of Mario references. There's a bunch of Nintendo references in general. Why, in one level SPOILER Kirby shows up as a little bad guy. :D

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sam322 wrote:

@csmobit no, not that easy for a newcomer (i'm a newcomer to this game), i even use a guide only a few times and the rest i do it on my own