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So, I just downloaded this, not having played it for some 6-7 years. I completely forgot how well-made it is. The stage design is amazing, Kirby's abilities are put to great use, the animation is incredible for the time and system, and Extra Game is seriously hard. Whispy Woods in this mode is probably the hardest boss in the game, or hell, the franchise as a whole. WHISPY WOODS.

I love this game. It's platforming perfection.



I never played Kirby until the N64 game came out. Each kirby game has something better than the others.
This one has challenge... but only if you play the Extra game, otherwise it's a breeze.

This is just a pick up and play platformer, you can beat it in like, half an hour. Having no powers adds a little bit of challenge to the game, but not much.

Once you get into extra game though, it gets intense. Dedede will not hesitate for even a moment in that last battle. Screw Masked Dedede, this is the King at his finest.

I'm glad this was my first VC purchase. Hope they release Dreamland II soon. I'd like them to release the GBA games too. I know Kirby's Adventure will be released eventually, but I want my Metaknight mode dammit ( plus I played Nightmare in Dreamland BEFORE I knew it was a remake of an existing game I hadn't played before )!

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This was one of my first Gameboy games. It's easy but the stage design and outstanding music more than make up for it.
Every song was stuck in my head hours after turning the game off. Heck I'm hearing DeDeDe's theme in my head now!
Looking forward to Dream land 2 and with any luck some of the GBA games. If that's even going to be possible in the future.

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