Topic: How Do You Get to World -1 in Super Mario Bros.?

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Hey everyone, I was wondering how to get to World -1 in Super Mario Bros. Is it possible in the 3DS VC version?

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It's actually a glitch. It's in world 1-2 if I remember correctly. towards the end of the stage there's a backwards L shaped pipe you have to go over from the top. It requires a very tricky jump to land on top and go over the pipe.

here you go. [youtube:rgohnDkyTZM]
The VC version is the exact same game so it should work on all versions.

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As the video demonstrates, yo go THROUGH the pipe and the wall. But it's a glitch that requires pixel-perfect precision to pull off, so expect to take many tries to pull it off.



I always did the jump by crouching and jumping backwards towards the wall after taking out the appropriate blocks above. Just make sure you don't get rid of the one right by the pipe, but the one next to it.


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