Topic: GBA Games...How much, do you reckon?

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All we can do about that is wait though.

At least one of the games in my VC wish list is confirmed to be coming out on the eShop before the year's over (Harvest Moon GBC).

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Well two of them at least have a good chance of making it (Nemesis and Operation C), but one is highly doubtful.

Unfortunately, Kirby's Pinball borrows the layout of Revenge of the Gator so I don't see any reason why Hal would want to release RoTG on the Eshop when KP is already on it RoTG had awesome music and a trippy title sequence complete with dancing alligators. I love the gator theme on the table. I had the original cartridge but I lost it. Wanted to play it again on 3(DS) but it's like an impossible dream now.

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Birdman wrote:

$8 and they start arriving in 2014.

Damn, it's amazing how spot on you could be.



$10 and they start arriving in 2016. (probably more realistic... or not)

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^^ I'd say the equivalent of $6.99 or $7.99 in whatever currency they're using in this intergalactic era.



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