Topic: GBA Games...How much, do you reckon?

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If (I think it's a matter of if and not when, because I've lost faith) Nintendo decides to bring GBA games to the eShop for purchase, how much do you reckon they would cost?

I'm guessing anywhere between $10 - $15 (in North America).




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Given their other eshop prices I'm sure they will find some unreasonably high price point.



I reckon that they will never come out

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£6.00+ would be a reasonable price looking at GB/GBC prices. Although I doubt Nintendo would release GBA games for the 3DS. If the games do in fact cost that much then buying the 10 ambassador games would cost at least £60.00 - a price which more than makes up for the price drop, especially considering the NES games on top of that (£45+) - which would mean ambassadors get over £100 worth in games for free for a £60 price drop...Nice for ambassadors, but others would probably complain.

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3Dash wrote:

I reckon it's $250 or something like that on eBay for an ambassodor 3DS.

I was actually looking for one the other day and couldn't find one.



DonJumpMad wrote:

I reckon that they will never come out



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DonJumpMad wrote:

I reckon that they will never come out

I'm feeling more and more that way too. I'm looking into getting a Game Boy Player instead.



If they do, then who will buy gb games?

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Birdman wrote:

$8 and they start arriving in 2014.

Probably this.


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Morphtroid wrote:

Happy_Mask wrote:

If they do, then who will buy gb games?

people who want to play gb games?

Haha funny. There are some GB games I do want to buy on the Eshop but alas, they just haven't come out yet

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