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Topic: GBA games possibly delayed until 2012 (ambassadors)

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From that list, they seem to have more in common with DS games and DSiWare than Virtual Console games.

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tendoboy1984 wrote:

No home menu? So you can't exit to the home menu or use suspend points? They're Virtual Console games, so why would Nintendo remove those features? They kept those features in for the Game Boy games.

Emulation software at the last minute may have to do that. It sounds like they were planning to program an NES emulator that works with the 3DS since they were going to release those games to the public. GBA software may not have been planned and just thrown together at the last minute. It may be similar to the Wii's GC emulation software, which shuts off all Wii features.

Honestly I don't mind considering most of these games can save themselves anyway.

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I don't care when I get them...I didn't even know about the ambassador program until the week it was happening. But WAHEY! I am an ambassador... I don't complain about getting free stuff....

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GBA games possibly delayed until 2012

I really doubt this now.

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Bass_X0 wrote:

GBA games possibly delayed until 2012

I really doubt this now.

I was gonna come in and say essentially the same thing, hahaha




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If we knew then what we knew now...

Anyway, looks like this thread is /END.

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