Topic: GBA Ambassador: When do you expect them to roll in?

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I want to see when you guys think the GBA games will come. I expect this holiday season, it'll be a nice christmas present from Nintendo. What do you guys think? Next week? The last day of December?

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Tomorrow. I command thee, GBA games.
For srs, though, I hope we at least get them sometime next month, along with Four Swords.


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We'll probably get them weekly. I'd like them all tomorrow.

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Didn't they say by the end of the year?



When was it they said zelda four swords would be released? I know they said september but what day?

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Hopefully by the end of September, but I think they'll most likely come Halloween or later. And I totally forgot about Four Swords, psyched for that!

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I'm going to guess November.

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10 games... 18 weeks... hmm.





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October. They will be released all at once just like the NES games.

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October or November, most likely. Getting 10 more games this month (I'm calling today September even though it's still August) would kind of be overkill, and December is never a very good month to release games, with it being after Black Friday and all that.

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Its-Mii-Will wrote:

Birdman13 wrote:

and December is never a very good month to release games, with it being after Black Friday and all that.

Black friday has nothing to do with download games, though. And these are free.

Also Black Friday doesn't apply to 95% of the world.


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@SuperSushiLax - It's still a big sale date for the US, and there are many people who (somehow) do all of their Holiday shopping on that date, which could lead to some losses in potential sales of MK7.

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I hadn't thought about them coming in weekly, but it would be more convenient that way. Downloading ten games in one sitting from the e-Shop proved to be a somewhat laborious process and it's hard to give each of them their due attention. Personally, I think we'll see all of our GBA games around Christmas, but who knows?

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