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Topic: Games out now on the EShop?

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Alright, so I guess this topic has been discussed like a million times before, but I just want to be sure.

On the website's Eshop section we can see all of the Ambassador GBA games are "Out now". Why does it state that? I thought they hadn't released those for the general public? And more importantly: Has nintendo said anything about that? What are they planning to do? They should at least give us some sort of date or whatnot...

Also, have they said anything about the other zelda games such as the oracle versions or a Link to the past? Link's awakening has been out for ages now. It would make sense that they would consider moving on with the releases :(




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Hi Avectius :)

Nope, the GBA games aren't available to buy and Nintendo still has no plans to release them to the general public. We have the games in our Out Now section because, for Ambassadors, they are "out now". I know it's confusing!

And nope, no word on other Zelda games but if we hear anything we'll let you know.

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It would make sense that they would consider moving on with the releases



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