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supermario182 wrote:

unless you have some nostalgia for a game gear version of the game, go with the 3d classic. if its an exclusive game gear only spin off or something then sure go for it. i hope they make sonic spinball in 3d that would kick a$$

GG is a different game from the Genesis and very good in its own right. I feel it's worth picking up, though I wish they went for the SMS one instead (very similar to the GG verison, but has some differences). Not sure why 3DS doesn't have SMS emulation since it's well equipped to handle it (SMS has very similar hardware to the GG).

3D Classics Sonic doesn't seem any more glitchy than the original game. The Robotnik chase in Labyrinth Zone 3 is the same on the Genesis. I compared to the actual cart and found it to be just as tricky with all of the obstacles in the exact same places. I actually got Game Over in that area on the real Genesis with glitched Game Over words. I remember some slowdown on the Genesis cart too.

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The part I think is wrong is not the chase but the part at the very beginning of the level where you are sliding down the water and you need to jump off.

(Don't think I have spent more than 30 seconds on that part ever except on this version).

Sound is not 100% either.

I will see whether it happens again. (When I had it it was not just a bit but really bad like the early SNES games that had notorious slowdown). It was only for one zone. (It also doesn't happen if I level select direct to those zones).

Anyway I was using the Jap version so any comparison to the International cart wouldn't be valid either. (I have a PAL version of the cart which I think is identical to the USA genesis one and a switchless modded - jap megadrive).

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IDK I have games from both on my 3DS so I like both services, hopefully we can get more games soon and I wouldn't mind some dreamcast games on the 3DS.

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Nothing seemed wrong in the first part to me either. Jumping off the waterfall seemed to work the same in both. I disagree that comparisons between US and JP are invalid since many things are still the same. I'm aware of the differences between versions and also have a region switched Genesis. Sound isn't 100% on most Genesis emulations since it's hard to emulate perfectly. M2 is generally very good with emulation and this very seems to be very close to the original. I also checked the levels using the International version in the collection, as well, which is what I have on cart.

I'm not sure if all of the glitches came from the original, but it's likely since the original Genesis Sonic has a lot of them. Here is a video of some of them. I know for sure the odd non ball hopping on some parts of the Marble and Labyrinth Zones is in the original. The odd fan facing right and blowing left in the Star Light Zone is in the original too. Also Sonic sometimes landing between spikes, though the 3DS version did fix the other spike glitch where you get hit multiple times by spikes and die. I read that some glitches have been fixed in the JP version (the labyrinth zone sign duck lock up glitch doesn't work in the JP version on 3DS), but a few of them still remain.

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Poor sound is a common issue with M2 emulations. Christian Whitehead has got it to a point where I cannot tell the difference.

It is a common theme though.

Neo Geo Station (PS3 M2) sound is off / D4 Enterprise Wii it is perfect.

The Super Scaler Stuff what Sega did when they emulated them for the Saturn is just recorded the Audio Track from the Real Hardware.

Very good for me is bsnes or mame type quality. (They are professionals so they should be the best especially with the better access to information that they have instead of working blind by trial and error).

I think part of my problem with it is them refering to them as definitive but the best is a combination of Sonic Jam / Christian Whitehead's version / the 3D Classic.

If once they finish the second batch they update the emulator for all the previously released ones I would like that. (I was more impressed with Shinobi III and Galaxy Force II).

And also in saying that at least they put in some effort (When compared to e.g Nintendo it is not even funny).

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