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for me i have to say currently Trip world is my favourite title. the music is catchy and the gameplay feels original!

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I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this but ill go along.

Links Awakening - Amazing Zelda experience with great graphics and exciting gameplay.
Trip World - Original platformer that has a lot of charm to it.
Gargoyles Quest - Refreshing gameplay mechanic makes a great game, despite some shakey RPG aspects.

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Game and watch gallery 2. Because it's awesome.
Tetris for obvious reasons
Zelda LA because of it being a zelda game.

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For now, Game and Watch Gallery 2 and Metroid II

These are the games I'm currently playing the most.

Oh and Metroid Fusion, if Ambassador games count.

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There's an existing thread here if you'd like to continue discussing what 3DS VC games you enjoy and why. Thank you! :3

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