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Topic: e shop europe no e3 trailers

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hi i am really annoyed about europe, so far anyway, not getting the 3d videos on the e shop, what nintendo said about each region getting things specific to them, makes no sense, all these games are world wide, not just for usa. I emailed nintendo 3 times about this and go no reply, one of the few replies i got, from them was about how to pay for e shop downloads. When you think that in the usa the videos were on the e shop one hour after the conference and we still have not got them, so annoying.




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I recall hearing somewhere over the past few days that control of the European eShop actually lies with Nintendo Company Ltd. in Japan. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, it's certainly interesting.

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the E3 trailers thread is here, please feel free to voice your opinion on them (or on the lack of them) there. We've also got a main site article thread going here where your voice may be heard.

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