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A version of Donkey Kong appeared in the 3DS eShop's Future Releases page, and I was wondering if it is the NES version, or the Original Edition offered last year.

I know that the DK '94 version has many more levels, but not the cement factory.


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It's the NES version. It's coming out on August 15th. You could add it to your Wishlist if you just search up "Virtual Console" or "Donkey Kong." The Japnese got it last October, and it had the same picture on the "App," so it has to be the NES version. It even says "NES" under "Donkey Kong" if you search it up in the Eshop. Have fun, I'll wait until the September awards come to buy it, just in case they put Donkey Kong NES as a Club Nintendo reward.

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Original edition was offered to those who downloaded a select few games and the deal is now off so it's rather rare,I got it so I don't need the nes version.

I might just go back and play this because I'm bored out of my mind at the moment.


I got 30 cent version on my Wii U


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My friend just gave me his download code for Original Edition.
He bought a game last year and only received his code recently.



I will be getting it on my 3DS next week because I want this game "on-the-go". Also, it will compliment my Ambassador title, DJ Jr., quite nicely.

I already have the NES cartridge as well as having it downloaded onto my Wii and Wii U. (Oh yeah, can't forget about having it within the original Animal Crossing for Gamecube!)

I love DK!!! but sure would love to have the Arcade version at some point...


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