Topic: Do you think there will be more GBA games on the 3DS VC?

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They have no reason to rush them, the 3ds has a long life ahead of it (hopefully).



Of course there will. They're very well aware that the users who didn't get access to the embassador program, will kill for GBA titles. Not only them, but pretty much everyone else. It's simple logic: More GBA/GBC games released = More money.

To not go for something like that would be stupid. And the big N is anything but.



If Nintendo puts Super Mario Advance 4 on the VC, I hope they make it so all the e-Reader features are usable by "scanning" the cards with Play Coins in a suspended touch screen menu. I doubt that would happen anytime soon (if at all) because they don't even have multiplayer link-up with the VC games yet.


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I don't care if they rerelease the Ambassador GBA games for the general public. In fact, I want them to because the ones we have are not really optimized for the 3DS. If Nintendo did release them to the public they would enhance them (such as allowing multiplayer) and the Ambassadors would be allowed to download the more current version for free.

As for Pokemon, I don't think we will be seeing one in the virtual console because Ninty can make buck loads of money reissuing them on cartridges. It would be really stupid of them to offer them on VC for a cheaper price.



Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald will probably be remade as a 3DS retail game. As for Red/Blue/Yellow and possibly Gold/Silver/Crystal, those will most likely be VC games. Although they were remade before, people will still buy them for the nostalgic feel.

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sonic advance and pkm emerald be great for me



Doubt they'll release Spyro SoF and TEN, so, Superstar Saga... I didn't really buy anything but Yoshi's Island. I'd like some more games please.

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