Topic: Do You Prefer to Play VC Games With the D-Pad or Circle Pad?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you prefer to play VC games with the D-Pad or Circle Pad. For me, I guess it depends on the game. Like in Zelda, the Circle Pad gives better accuracy, but it platformers like Super Mario Bros., the D-Pad works better.

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Circle Pad

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Playing with the D-pad is too awkard for me, maybe because I have large hands, so I prefer the circle pad.

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circle pad, if you ask me, is better for about EVERY game, ds, 3ds, or vc.



I alternate between the two for some reason.



I prefer the D-Pad. It's just more precise than the Circle Pad

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JarvanZheitk wrote:

I alternate between the two for some reason.

Me too, I don't really know why.

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I prefer the D-Pad, or just as the poster above me said, switching between.

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I occasionally use the circle pad, but the D-Pad is more precise for moving in two dimensions.

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The Dpad is too squeaky for my taste, so i use the Opad the most, but i find myself using it mostly for menus and games where the Opad feels too awkward like Octopus in Game & Watch.

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I use the D-Pad for everything except Yoshi and NES Open. I need precision when I'm moving around and jumping, and sometimes the circle pad seems too wonky for that.

The D-Pad's position did feel a little awkward at first, but I've gotten used to it now.

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For sidescrollers, I use the D-Pad. For games with a top-down view like Zelda, I use the Circle Pad.


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It depends. For games that use 4-way directional controls (up, down, left, right) I use the D-pad. For games that require more complex movement, I use the Circle Pad. Controlling Kirby's flight is much easier with the Circle Pad. And moving Link in Link's Awakening is much smoother with the Circle Pad.

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I don't know, maybe being in my mid-twenties, I feel I am more into making the games feel like they did when I was a kid...but it would be awkward for me to play NES games with the circle pad. Yeah the 3DS D-Pad isn't ideal, but it just feels more right when I am playing NES games.

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D-pad. Maybe because I actually owned an NES but I can't see why you would play it any other way.

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I use D-pad since im moving only in the 4 given directions.

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It's the same as with DS games and the same as what everyone here has said. I alternate and I do it fairly subconsciously. Link's Awakening I use the circle pad, SMB I'm fairly sure I use the D-Pad. On the DS I use the circle pad for Pokemon and Geometry Wars but not in New SMB (AFAIK) and definitely not in Mario Kart DS.

So it depends......

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