Topic: Do NES games played on the 3DS have the same darkness issues ad the Wii Vc?

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I remember the NES games emulated by the Wii were all darker than playing them on the actual NES system. Does the 3DS the same issue?



I know the game is pillar boxed unlike the Wii, so that's a plus. As for the colors, I can't tell you if they've improved because I never bought any NES games on the Wii VC. But, since all 3DS screens are standard, you won't run into issues of colors being off due to differences that exist across TVs.

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I have original Legend of Zelda on 3DS VC, and it looks just right, and I don't even have the brightness setting turned up all the way on my 3DS.



The NES games on 3DS look much better than on Wii/Wii U. They don't seem to suffer from the dark, washed-out look they have on the consoles. If I'm going to get an NES game, it's usually on 3DS because they look better and you gain portability.

That is all.

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I know this is only anecdotal, but all of my VC titles, both NES and SNES, look just fine to me. This is from someone who grew up playing those games, so I like to think my basis for comparison is pretty solid.

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The only ones I noticed as being particularly bad are the 60hz ones on the PAL Wii VC. Looks similar to connecting a PAL SNES with the wrong RGB Cable.

(NTSC ones are fine at least the few I have on my USA Wii).

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