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It would be hard or costly for Sega or Capcom to get the rights to publish the Disney games they developed themselves but it should be relatively simple for Disney Interactive to publish them.

It should be no different to Nintendo publishing Rare's Donkey Kong games or LucasArts publishing Star Wars and Indiana Jones games originally developed by others.

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Well, if Sega or Capcom did develop the games themselves, I'd think they'd still want a cut if Disney published them.

I believe LucasArts actually did develop the Super Star Wars games and Ghoul Patrol (not sure about Indiana Jones), though they were originally published by other companies. No idea if JVC or THQ is still getting any money from them on VC. (though I've only downloaded Ghoul Patrol myself, and I see JVC's name is still present.)



Its not always that simple it could be that Disney Interactive wont let Capcom put the games out on the VC kinda like how Nickelodeon wont let the Konami put out the TMNT games and made them remove the ones they did have.

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I wish. 8-bit and 16-bit Disney games were awesome. They all need a re-release badly.

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