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Topic: Could We See the Original Link's Awakening on VC?

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21. Posted:

why would u want to see the original on if u can get the colored version

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i personally would love to see Super Mario Brothers DX, even tho the NES version is available as an Ambassador freebie and will be on the VC sooner or later for the general public. I love the zoomed in playing field and the added dragon coins, it gives the game more of a challenge. Not to mention the extra modes even if they were shallow... fortune teller for the win!

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Link245 wrote:

For one, it could be a cheaper alternative to DX for people who are unsure or want to spend less money

Only cheapskates would wanna save $3 on an inferior version of a game

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Nintendo should add all of their best selling classics to the 3ds

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Lordlz wrote:

Only cheapskates would wanna save $3 on an inferior version of a game

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COLOR > Black & White or Green Monochrome. Sorry for staiting the freakin captain obvious. lol

Playing videogames without color in this day and age is bad enough as it is. I can only imagine how much more wonderful Super Mario Land 2 would of been had it come to life with...I don't know, COLOR! :p The only real reason to resort back to the original LA is for nostalgia's sake I'm guessing.

Anyways, that color Dungeon(basically leading up to what you receive of the two things)in Link's Awakening DX was unnececarry unless you flat out massively suck at videogames beyond belief....Even then. lol

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Nintendo MUST to do an option to add Super GameBoy features to old GB games in the 3DS.

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Yes, it's just sad that fan emulators have had SGB support for over a decade and the 3DS doesn't.




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Link79 wrote:

LOL @ Nostalgic for black and white.
Golly boy howdy I think I'll hook up my old 1950's TV cause I'm nostalgic for black and white.
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Uh, actually I prefer B&W for most movies. It's an amazing style. Can you imagine Casablanca in color? :shudder:

Unfortunately the GB games look like crap on the 3DS, so I wouldn't want this. They're blurry and drab pukish grey... gross. D:
if only they were sharper, had higher contrast and leaned more towards blue then brown... :(

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Why would they release the game twice? The only difference between the two is that one has color.

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The cost is important to people too. Some people won't mind losing color if it means paying less for the game. Those same people would be happy to play other GB games in black and white.

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Geonjaha wrote:

I think a good move for Nintendo would be to add the Game Boy/ Game Boy Colour equivalents of all of the current VC games if they exist. They should be free updates that allow you to choose between GB and GBC upon opening. (The app logo could be both systems floating in the background ;) - This would allow people to get whichever they prefer, and would encourage more people to buy the current games as opposed to just resenting all new releases. Anyone else agree? :o

I totally agree! Give us the original version to have something to compare the new version to! :) It's like what, 1 MB extra? lol

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