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the_shpydar wrote:

Knux wrote:

I'm on the fifth level, and I'm able to get through it now without much trouble after lots of dying...except for Death. Either this is one of the most difficult (or cheap) bosses I've ever encountered, or I'm doing something wrong.

No, you're right — he is crazy difficult, especially considering the hallway leading up to him where it's exceedingly hard — but not impossible — to get through without taking damage. I remember when we were playing this back in the glory days that we considered the Death fight harder than Dracula. Drac's level is pretty rough, and Dracula himself isn't easy by any stretch, but once you can figure out a good pattern of attack, he's not too difficult to kill.

As for Death, hopefully you'll have a subweapon when getting to him — Boomerang (ideally double-shot or triple shot) is best, but Axe works well too because of where he tends to be positioned in respect to Simon. During the fight, it might be helpful if you try and destroy any blade-projectiles near you, as they will often make killing him exceedingly hard.

What shpy said.

Compared to Death, Drac is a cake walk. Best of luck, Knux bro! RAAAAAWRRR!!!

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I actually think Castlevania III is easier. I have beaten III, but not the original.

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LinktotheFuture wrote:

I actually think Castlevania III is easier. I have beaten III, but not the original.

I agree with you. I've beaten CVIII numerous times using different characters and pathways. But Castlevania, primarily Death - the boss @Knux is currently at, took me probably 20 years to beat. Granted I wasn't playing the game everyday, but I've been playing the original CV since it was first released. Only recently (2 or 3 years ago) did I finally beat it. It was very difficult for me.


I FINALLY managed to beat Death (boomerangs ftw), Dracula, and this game. This was a nightmare difficulty-wise, but it felt so satisfying playing it. And ironically, it was the first Castlevania game that I've beaten so far. I'll try Hard Mode....twenty years from now, lol.

Thanks for the help, guys!

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