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It's great to get hidden gems like this on VC.
Sure they could always give us Mario Land 2 or something more familiar.
I've been there and done that though. Having something to play that totally slipped by the radar is much better.

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Well at that price point and with a good review I guess there is little risk in picking this up. Nice reading in here also made the decision much easier.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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Haha I'm really exploiting continue. You keep the keys when you continue and you also take on the latest host which means you can be a bit more reckless(especially with the restore points!).

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@Oregano, agreed. If not, this game would be very frustrating (well only in the last two levels to be honest).

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Yeh, I could get through the first four stages rather easily. Stage 5 completely kicked my ass(especially the boss) and Stage 6 is even worse! I have the first three letters and I'm a Robot so I'm slowly working my way through - robots are awesome.

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Just finished with the good ending. Ended up body snatching a buddha dude and just ignoring the enemies to gather the letters and the last key. Last boss was surprisingly easy. The stage 5 boss is the most difficult.

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Avenging Spirit is a surprisingly good game.
After finishing the game (good ending), I went on the internet to see if I didn't miss anything cool (secrets, glitches or cheats). I found that you can unlock a Hard mode (which is nice). I also found that you can skip the current level that you're in (pause the game and then press: A, B, B, A, A, B, A, A) .
But, I just can't do it... I tried everything, and I simply can't do it... I searched on different sites, and it still didn't work for me. Normally, I don't like to ask for help on forum, but now, I need some... I know that, here, the topic is about giving impression of the game, but I really want to do this cheat (because I don't want to replay, by example, Stage 1 & 2 just to play Stage 3).

*By the way, I'm sorry if some sentences doesn't make sens. English isn't my primarily language.

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Am I crazy, or is that a pregnant woman shooting grenades (Or, worse) from her blouse?

Her attack is pretty powerful

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


Tare wrote:

Am I crazy, or is that a pregnant woman shooting grenades (Or, worse) from her blouse?

Her attack is pretty powerful

LMAO!!!! I wouldn't doubt it. I assumed they were bombs, but maybe they're little alien baby eggs?

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Bass_X0 wrote:

Corbs wrote:

They're releasing lesser-known games because we still have quite a few years of 3DS lifespan, so no way they're going to put all the great games at once and then be left with nothing but lesser-known games for the duration.

They're releasing lesser known games because companies who want to release games for the 3DS only have lesser known games in their catalog.

Jaleco doesn't have any big name titles on the Game Boy to release but that isn't stopping them from releasing games.

The likes of Konami, Square and other fan-favorite companies aren't showing an interest yet with even Capcom only releasing two games in Japan so far (Rockman World and Red Arremer).

We have had a good showing from Nintendo so far. Still many well known games to release but the ones they have released have usually been good, with the only poor ones being some of their very earliest. They seem to adopting a "release all they can regardless of quality" approach so they're getting the early dated games out of the way first.

But you know, many Game Boy games are dated and are quite short and simple these days. The lengthy gems are actually very few. I can forsee many obscure releases like Avenging Spirit coming down the road, at least until a wider variety of handhelds and consoles are supported other than just the Game Boy.

Actually i think they are releasing lesser known games so that they can promote games that people have never played. If they put all the popular games that people played then most people who already played them will pass them over because they dont want to play a game they have played already

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