Topic: Anyone else playing EarthBound?

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I've actually been playing the game quite feverishly over the past week and it's one of those games that you just can't put down.

Wanted to see if anyone else had bought it off the Nintendo eShop

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I tried it on Wii U and quite frankly i dropped it very soon...


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It is quite an unusual RPG in terms of the setting and game mechanics.
I found it to be quite refreshing compared to my usual RPG experience.

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I got it on the eshop well over a year ago and just recently picked it up again. I am still in the first town but I'm having fun with it!

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I'm currently playing through Earthbound on the Wii U right now. I'm about finished with it, actually. It's quirkiness and fourth wall breaking really appeal to me, and the characters and storyline are crazy, but lovable.

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I tried getting into it, but I just can't enjoy the game for some reason.

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I played it obsessively about a year ago and loved it! Its quite long, but so different than other RPGs, its well worth the dive and a play all the way through. I enjoyed the difficulty level, not too hard...not too easy. I plan on playing the first Earthbound as well, which is also on the Wii U.

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@Agent721 That's great! I would definitely play it again myself



@FGPackers Same Cant figure out what to do in Twoson

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Yeah, you should talk to him.



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