Topic: Anybody else eager for Return of Samus?

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yes, and I hope it has 3D (as appose to 2D, not in terms of 3DS 3D) Kraid.


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I loved this game, and would download it the second it's made available.



This game is begging for a remake.


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Yes a remake would be the best thing. Add a map plus full color and it would be perfect.
Doubt that's going to happen though. I'd settle for the original Gameboy game if that's all I can hope for.

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It's the only metroid I've never played, so yeah. But the graphics were beyond terrible. They need to Zero Missionify it.

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Nope I've genuinely tried to get into the metroid series but just isn't for me it seems.



Meeee. I got it used a while back on Amazon, but I want a copy that's mine and mine alone, never before played. Cuz that's just how I roll (or something). Want Kid Icarus: Of Myths & Monsters too.

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Samus left?
oh you mean the game..... yes

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Yay Finally announced! I no longer have to mourn the loss of my Gameboy Cartridge.
That guy who stole it years ago can kiss my rear now.

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I've barely played this one. I get lost too easily and it just doesn't hold my attention.

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I don't recall it being THAT confusing.
It's more linear than other Metroid games (well, except for hand-holding Fusion ). Pretty much there's one hub room (the really huge area with the acid, and the theme music), and when you finish an area (by destroying enough Metroids, all located within that area, and the number of left is displayed when you pause the game), it lowers the acid you can reach the next area.



Holy revived threads batman!

Anyway, this was the first or second 2D Metroid I played (Can't remember if the ambassador Fusion came first or not).

I really like it, it helped me get into the series. I still can't play the first one though, I hope they release Zero Mission soon.

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